Mid-State Earthworks, INC.

Water Drainage Specialist


The crawl space is an area of a home rarely accessed.  But if you have water

standing under your house caused from surface or underground water this

can bring on costly problems. These problems may cause structural damage:

  • Brick or foundation cracking
  • Floors  bulking or rotting
  • Porches or sidewalks cracking / settling
  • Cracks in drywall of interior walls
  • Doors or windows stick / hard to open

Water standing under the house can also cause health concerns due to poor air

quality.  Dampness in crawlspaces can also allow mold and mildew to grow and   create conditions to rotten out floor joist and sub-flooring.  Even the most well

built houses can be destroyed by water and drainage problems.



The good news is we have 45 years of experience helping customers like you

with eliminating water drainage issues.  We begin with a thorough inspection

of the exterior and the crawlspace of your home to determine exactly where 

the problem is originating from.  Based on our diagnosis, solutions may include

installing french drains, moisture barriers, curtain drains, interior drains,

positive drains, or water proofing.  We may have to cut swells or waterways to insure proper drainage away from the house.  We also handle leaks in basements, standing water, and erosion problems. 



We will evaluate your situation then work with you to create a customized solution

to fit your budget, fix your problem, and protect your house.  We not only guarantee

our best, but we guarantee our work will help eliminate your water problems.

We are not a foundation repair company, however, we are a preventative maintenance company that catches these problems in the early stages instead of

after the fact to help protect your major investment in your home.  So if you have water issues,  give us a call today so we can get started with your free evaluation!


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